fd – mwnni – 2 WORKER PUNISH BOSS WERONIKA – HQ 640×360

HQ 640×360, time 10:30. The story:Mistress Weronika has her hands bound and she is pinned between the bed and the wall, her employees Nina and Natalia enter the room. Mistress Weronika demands they release her. Nina and Natalia feel she’s been an unfair boss. So to punish her they take off their smelly shoes and make her smell their stinky feet. Mistress Weronika squirms and complains about the smell, and after about 2 minutes they tire of her mouth and put tape over it. Now she is really forced to smell their stinky feet.This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario to mistressweronika@gmail.com

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